Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Business of Being Beautiful

So, I was thinking the other day....yes I do that sometimes, and I think that we as women have outsmarted ourselves. Men clearly haven't. Women compare ourselves to other women. We wear makeup, jewelry, accessories, purses and style our hair. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a man. You get up, get your clothes on that your wife probably picked out for you at some point, take a shower, shave your face and do your job. 
I am not even going into the whole realm that some women find themselves in of endless working out, eyelash extensions, botox and plastic surgery.
If we, as women all did not wear makeup (no, I am not kidding myself, I don't think this would really happen, nor would it be good for the world necessarily) we could save ourselves a lot of time and money.
I am all for taking care of yourself but there should be healthy limits. I see women (mostly ones I don't know)  spinning out of control. Eating less, running more, more beauty products, procedures, more more more.   Maybe the men have it right.
For now, I am happy to boycott makeup on occasion, eat heathy as much as possible, get a little exercise and not worry about all that business of being beautiful.

Facebook. I am not sure how I feel about facebook. I like that I get to keep in touch with friends and family. I find some things strange about facebook, not judging, just observing. I think that most people have figured, if we can't beat them, join them. So, they are on facebook, lurking, commenting and posting with the best of them. I recently got a friend request from my Grandpa. I am glad to stay in touch with him via facebook, it's just not what I expected. Facebook has reached all generations, all people, sane and insane. I think it is interesting and sometimes funny when people choose to get on facebook and have an arguement with people they do not know. Talking with strangers about something that you have strong feelings about is not "smart" in my mind. I think we all end up there sometimes. 
The older I get, the more I am repulsed by drama. I would rather hide out, not listen and for sure not be a part of any drama that may be brewing. I don't have time. There are times when I want to write an occasional crazy or funny thought on facebook, then I think of the previous crazy status updates I have read and I cringe. I think to myself, "it isn't worth it."
I wonder how long facebook will last. What will replace it? Part of me thinks it's sad that we use facebook to get to know each other or to stay in touch. Really? Has life gotten that out of control? Appearantly, it has.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It's official. I am Mom. I drive the van I said I never would, don't knock it. It has several DVD players, auto everything and I LOVE IT because it makes my life easier. I have three kids. It's more like, they have me. My life revolves around them. Everything I do is devoted to being a good mom and helping my children have the best lives. I know that I am imperfect and I sometimes wonder what they will say about me between the time that they "know everything" and then have their own children and "realize how smart and wonderful I was/am" like most new parents do.
Being a mother, I have learned, all has to do with balance. Emotional, spiritual, physical. Everyday I think about all these things. I focus on trying to keep all of us healthy in every way possible. It is also so important to have fun along the way. Luder has forced me to learn that and I appreciate him for that. He has me stop and just sit outside or take a walk in nature with the boys. We all end up feeling better. I get through life a lot easier with a sense of humor. If you can laugh about it, it makes it a lot more fun. So to all of my mini van driving sisters, the next time you want to die of humiliation in public because of something your kids do, laugh and live it up.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Declan turned one this month. He is a charming little man with lots of personality. He is the most laid back baby I have ever seen and I thank God for this every day. He can talk, almost walk and crawl. He loves to eat everything we eat. He is so fun and he listens! It's amazing. We have so enjoyed having him in our family and I look forward to watching him grow, not too fast though! Happy Birthday Declan. We love you.