Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, I haven't posted anything in a while. It seems like March has been so busy. The fact that I can barely keep up with myself and that I am pregnant combine to drain any motivation and aspiration for creativity. I will get back to it soon.
We are getting excited and ready to go on a two week vacation. I am really nervous and excited at the same time. We are driving to Florida, taking a cruise and then hitting Disney on the way home. All of this is happening without Luder's help. He has to work. My mom and brother are going with me. It should be a lot of fun and stress all combined. I hope the boys will be good. We had to get them passports and all kinds of documentation saying that Luder was ok with me taking them out of the country and that I am healthy to travel pregnant. Pray for all of us. Have you ever seen those National Lampoon movies? I have a feeling.....
The pregnancy is going well. The little man is getting bigger and he seems to be pretty calm compared to the other boys. Maybe he just isn't big enough yet to make me as miserable, I don't know. It is getting difficult to reach my feet. Luder finds this amusing but he helps me with my shoes so I can't get too mad at him. I am not huge (yet) and I have found that because I do not look big and pregnant, this is a disadvantage. I do not get the sympathy that a pregnant woman in month 5 deserves. I am sure this is good for me in some way, I just haven't decided if I am happy about it. Of course I am happy that I am not huge yet.
The boys are so excited about the baby, they can barely stand it. Abram still asks occasionally when we are running errands if we can go by and "pick the baby up now?" Cason asked the other day, "Mom, can you show me exactly where that baby is going to come out?" YIKES. I was not ready for that! I almost choked, laughed and tried to answer his questions.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's A ............

Boy! We are having a boy in August! Luder and I are happy. The boys are so excited that Cason did the happy dance as they screamed and clapped together while sporting some huge grins. I just sat there smiling. I knew it was a boy. Luder was ready to hear it was a girl (really wanting it to be a boy). It was an exciting day for our family. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted, so many emotions. The pregnancy is going well. The baby is super healthy. We got a really good profile shot and he looks just like his brothers! I can't believe I will be the mother of three boys. If this little boy is anything like his big brother's, I cannot wait to meet him. I wouldn't take any frilly girl for my beautiful, sweet and smart little boys! I am so blessed!