Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In February the circus came to the Richmond Collesium. I have always wanted to go, so this year we took the kids with Luder's cousin Thomas. It was awesome.

Cason's preschool also had circus week the same time. It worked out perfectly. Abram was happy because he got a balloon. Cason's school is so great. We are really happy with it.

One of my best pictures of Luder. Messervy's unite!

Abram loved the elephants the most. Cason liked the clowns. It ended up lasting around 3 hours. We were beat from all the fun when we got home.

Gramps (Luder's father) turned 60 in February. We celebrated when he came home from Mexico. Luder wrote a book filled with all of his Dad's famous quotes (he has a lot of them) and shared it with him that night. It has his picture on the front and is really neat. What a tribute.

Cason and his cousin, Nathan, enjoying the birthday cake. To a toddler, it is the most obvious reason to go to a birthday party.

Look at those cheeks!