Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Day

It started out rough with a winter storm but I ended up having a good day. I went to the OB today for a check up. The baby's heartbeat was "strong and healthy" the nurse said. It was such a sweet sound to hear my baby for the first time. I am relieved and grateful. It is becoming more real.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We are having a baby in August! The official due date is August 10th. We are excited and nervous. The boys are so excited. Abram keeps asking me if we can go get the baby now. Cason keeps asking if it is ok to tell more and more people. He told his primary class, his preschool class (for both of those I got directly contacted by the teacher, to validate his story) and he has told lots of others. They are going to be great big brothers. I go in for another appointment on Tuesday. This time I will meet the doctor and they will make sure all is going well. I have already had an ultrasound where I saw (didn't hear yet) the baby's heart beating and saw him/her for the first time.
I am assumming that this baby is a boy for the sake of simplicity. Why wouldn't it be? I will be happy with either. Luder has been working a lot lately. I have had lots of nasea and back pain. I have stayed home and just resigned myself to the fact that life isn't always what you plan, so be happy anyway.
I am grateful for this new person that will change me in more ways that I can imagine, just as Cason and Abram have. Those of you who we love, thanks for your support and your prayers. We will take all we can get.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny Luder's

So, two funny things have happened to me recently that I would like to share. Luder "Abram" informed me yesterday on the way to the grocery store that he is sick of going to the grocery store. Wow, funny from a three year old. Conversation is as follows:
Abram: Where are we going, Mommy?
Me: To the grocery store.
Abram: I am sick if I go to the grocery store.
Me: What?
Abram: I am sick if I go to the grocery store.
(He kind of mumbled the middle part bc he was trying to say something new he really didn't know how to say).
Me: You are sick of going to the grocery store?
Abram: Yeah!
Me: Me too.

So, the other one has been a consistantly funny episode in my life for 8 yrs. Before Luder and I got married, I decided he needed a nice alarm clock, so I got the big numbers one that has the radio and the two settings (so I would have a setting after we were married etc.) and I was really happy with it. The big numbers were for pre- lasik Ginny time period. It has a weatherband feature (which we still don't understand) and all kinds of things. Luder informed me that he didn't want the alarm near his bed, I thought this was foolish (I didn't want him to wake me up) so I said, leave it beside the bed. I remember the first couple of times I noticed things weren't working out as planned when he would not hear the alarm going off. I hear it and wake him. Then, he (and Luder is very smart) could NEVER IN YEARS get the alarm set to anything but static. So, for a long time I have been waking up to static, trying to reset it for the poor boy during the day and somehow it goes back to torturing me again with the static (because he doesn't hear it like I said). If he does happen to hear the alarm, he either 1. hits the snooze button several times or 2. turns it off and promply goes back to bed, remembering none of this later. I have laughed about this for years. Then today took the cake. I wake up to him standing beside the bed hitting it and talking to it and ( in really mad tones) turning it off and on. I woke up and said, "Uhh, Luder, chill out, it's ok." He kind of woke up and started laughing at himself. Literally, typing this makes me laugh so hard I cry. Poor guy. Needless to say, he is still one of the first ones to work everyday. Whatever works...or doesn't.
**The attorney's wife has privilage to this information and it can be shared with those person's she sees fit in a biased manner.