Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Technology "Break"

Seriously. In the last couple of months (more like the last month) my cell phone, camera, computer and printer all have died. I would say that I am pretty techno savvy. I don't cheap out and always buy the bottom of the barrel products and I do not let my children play with my technology. I take care of my stuff. Heck, I still have the first generation ipod and when the missionaries saw it, they mocked me openly and said it should be in the smithsonian...... thanks guys.
What is the deal? We so rely on these technology tools. They are expensive and is it just me or do they never work like they are supposed to? I am sick of it.
The only way I have made it lately because I know you are suprised but I don't have the funds to go replace it all at once, is to limp along with some of my parents old stuff (thank you Mom and Dad) and get a free phone, thus the comment on facebook about Luder's phone being better than mine.
A few years ago, it would have absolutely sent me into grumpville to have any one of these break. Now, I just try to think outside the box for temporary solutions and think of it as a little "break" from the world.