Friday, October 1, 2010

July 2010

I love my family. I have this aunt, (far left) and for some reason, we are more like sisters than aunt and niece. She is my Dad's younger sister by 14 years. We look alike. She is the South Carolina version of me. We have a great time together. We have three boys, blond hair, similar in so many ways. She is a little ahead of me in life but we still have a great time together. I love her and her kids.
We went to visit them in July. She had just found out she was expecting their 4th baby, so we went down to check out their new pool and help cheer her up from her dreaded morning sickness. My Mom went with me. My Mom is also wonderful and she puts up with me and my children on road trips. I think she really likes it.
We are at the local peach farm with a petting zoo. It was comfortable to be in SC in July. We had a great time. Leslie's boys are so helpful and loving to my boys. I hope that my boys grow up to be as sweet and nurturing. I am looking forward to our next visit.