Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beach Fun 2007

The last week of May we went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week. We had a great time. We were able to spend time with almost all sides of the family (my Mom and Dad's sides and Luder's Dad's side.) It was a great reunion every day on the beach. We never knew who we were going to see the next day! Abram loved running on the beach, mostly away from me (it's a good thing he is so cute!) and Cason loved to play in the water with his cousins. People on the beach came up to me and told me that Abram was "entertainment" for them. Luder got to read a few books and we ate a lot of good food and went shopping. The highlight for Cason was the Dixie Stampede. The boys loved the show with all of the animals. The weather was 80 and sunny every single day!

Abram doing what he does best. He didn't really like the water this year.

Cason enjoying the waves. He became more and more brave as the week went on.

This was Luder's first full week off since becoming an attorney. He was pretty happy to be away. The kids really missed him when he went back to work.

Here are the boys before going out one day. They're at our "little house" as Cason called it. He loved it, but was glad to go back to his "big house."

If you look closely, you'll see that Abram is covered in sand, peanut butter and jelly. It was a hard week for a neat freak!

Abram had fun playing in little puddles with his sand toys. Each morning we would dig him a hole where he would sit and play in between sprints.

Cason fell asleep reading a book on the way to Luder's cousin Shannon's house. The beach wore them out!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Early May 2007

So much has happened since I last wrote. Luder started a new job on May 7, 2007. He moved to another Richmond law firm - Hirschler Fleischer. We are very happy with the switch!


During Luder's job change, he turned 30, so I took him to Boston to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park, ("Fenway Paawk"). The Sox played the A's. We both really enjoyed the game. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself, everyone else really enjoyed themselves and some even a little too much! Those fans like their beer! LOL!The game was the highlight of our very busy trip.

We toured Boston, Newburyport and Plum Island where Luder lived for two years as a child. We had such a great time and we were able to visit Harvard, the Boston LDS temple (beautiful), take a Boston Harbor Cruise, tour Bunker Hill, eat at the North End (known as "Little Italy.") It was a trip filled with lots of history and culture. We were exhausted when we came back but we had a great time.

This is Luder and I at the wheel of the U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest ship in the US Navy. Luder wanted a picture here because his Grandparents posed in the same spot when they visited Luder's family in Newburyport.

Plum Island, Massachussetts on the wildlife refuge Luder's Dad managed while they lived here.

Boston Commons, right down from the Capitol Building.

Luder on the Harbor Cruise with the Harbor behind him about where the Boston Tea Party occured.