Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birth Day ~ Announcing: Declan McCoy Milton

August 6, 2009

It's 6:00am and we are about to check into Labor and Delivery for the induction.

Getting settled into the delivery room, they were taking all of my information and getting me prepped.

Supportive Dad, Luder has been amazing. He has been there for me in every way imaginable.

Things were starting to get rough. The baby's heartbeat would slow with contractions and the pain was mounting. I got an epidural and waited. The labor was roughly two hours long. It was the quickest and easiest delivery yet. I couldn't believe it. Right before he was delivered, people started moving quickly to get into position. It helped that I had warned them all that I thought things would go fast.

One of the best moments of my life, captured here on film. I was so relieved when he was born and we were both healthy and together at last. He was born at 12:12pm.

After I recovered for a while, Grammoma, Gramps and Aunt Dale brought the boys to the hospital to meet their new brother. I cannot adequately describe the excitement that they had been feeling for months. It increased as we got close to the exciting day. Cason picked out special matching shirts that they both got from their Aunt Anita that say, "Big Brothers Rock." They had cards for me and presents for Declan. Luder had gotten them special presents from Declan and wrapped them up. It was a moment I will never forget.

Big Brother Cason. He was so happy.

Proud Grandparents, Luder's parents. Grammoma and Gramps.

Grammoma and Aunt Dale. Dale came all the way from Charleston to be with us and help us out. Thanks Aunt Dale!

Proud Grandparents, my parents, Grammy and Bop.

Uncle Scott holding Declan. I can't believe Scott will be leaving next week for his mission for two years!

Heading out of the hospital to take our baby home.

Cason got Declan a small little bear that he put into his crib months ago and it has been waiting on him since. When Declan came home, Cas gave him the bear and he actually held it tight several times.