Wednesday, June 17, 2009

8 Months

I can't believe that I am 8 months pregnant. Time is definitely flying. Each pregnancy seems to go faster. The nursery is coming along. I still need to put the final touches on it. It seems like I have to do this project on the side because of all the other things (good things) going on in our family.
I went to the OB and the baby is growing and healthy. Until this point I have been pretty calm, I am noticing a little anxiety start to creep in. I think that I am worried because I am not worried. It's almost as if I am afraid of being blindsided somehow. Today I washed the baby's clothes and put them into the drawers. It made things so real. Everyday we do something to prepare for the baby.
Left to do:
put up swing and bouncy seats
decorate the walls of the nursery
wash the bedding and put it up
register at Babies R Us and Target
and whatever else.....
The boys are so excited. They got a "new" room last week. We put Cason and Abram in the same room with bunk beds. Abram calls them "punk" beds. They jumped up and down and screamed happily at the sight of their new beds. They love to be together. Initially I didn't want to put them together but after Luder and I saw that they had been sharing a room while traveling for 3 weeks and they were great, we decided to give it a try. So far, so good. I am still waiting for the storm. They have three big adjustments this summer; a room change, kindergarten and a new baby. We spread out the events so they will come gradually. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Milton Family Tradition 2009

We have started a tradition of going to the beach on Memorial Day week every summer. We have enjoyed it so much. The boys talk about it all year. They spend their days in the wading pools, catching hermit crabs and minnows. This year we had Grandma Mary with us (my Grandmother) my Dad's little sister-Leslie, her three boys, my Great Aunt Pat and Uncle Bud and my Aunt Janet and Uncle Dickie and of course my parents and brother. I think we all had a great time. We spent the days on the beach, we ate dinner together and had a fire in the evenings. We visited and laughed all week. It was great. Luder and I were able to have a lot of good conversations and it was one of the best vacations I have had with my little family.

Scott, Justin, Ethan and Ashton.

Men at work.

Look at that hottie.

Our little growing family. Me at 7.5 months pregnant.

I get this look a lot.

This is a kid that threw up a couple of hours before. He is a trooper.

Uncle Scott took them on a walk. He is a great Uncle. Scott just got his mission call to California Riverside Mission where he will be a full time missionary for our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) for two years. I am proud of him!


Cason graduated from preschool in May. I can't believe that the baby I held in my arms a few years ago will be in kindergarten this year. I have heard about the mixed emotions and I always thought that I would be different. I am not, I am sad to let him go. The days of having him with me everyday to be at home, help me run errands and be carefree are gone. Once I pushed past the sadness which is only selfishness on my part, I am happy and excited for him to spread his wings and fly. I can't promise that I won't cry on that first day, especially since I will have just given birth and my emotions will be spilling over.
Kindergarten seems like the first step that leads to a path that goes away from me. I know that it won't be long until we have to have talks about bullies, mean teachers, rules and later those life lessons that dictate a perspective for a lifetime.