Sunday, March 23, 2008

March Madness

We recently went to the Children's Museum of Richmond. It is one of their favorite spots. They love the waterplay.

They have a "backyard" at the museum with lots of cool outdoor stuff.

This was Cason's Easter party at school. His Dad even got to come to this one!

After the party we went to see our family in Fredericksburg. Aunt Becca came in from Mexico with her new baby, Juliana. Caroline, Chad and Joseph came in from TX and Kristen, Shannon, Emma and Nathan came in from PA. It was a fun get together, complete with an egg hunt, chilli and lots of laughing. Abram had borrowed Joseph's Superman hat.

Birth order: Kristen (bottom right), Luder (bottom left), Caroline (middle), Rebecca (top left), Jonathan (top right) who recently got his two year full time mission call to Thailand! Congrats JoJo!

My new beautiful neice Juliana, Rebecca and Uli's daughter. They live in Mexico right now.

This is our family, swinging at the grandparent's.

Coloring Easter eggs on Easter Sunday with Grammy and the rest of the fam. Grammy fixed us the most delicious Easter meal ever. Thanks Grammy!

Luder and I took a night away the last weekend in March. It was so relaxing. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast outside of Lexington, VA where we used to live. The view was spectacular. I miss the mountains. This was the view from the room. We had a great time eating at our favorite old spots and going to see W&L and SVU and noticing all the changes.

We drove in the driveway to this, I felt so loved. Aren't they cute? (My parents who had watched the kids while we went to the B&B)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Time Easter Time

Cason, going after eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt at the church where his preschool meets. He had other children come up to him afterward saying, "Wow, Cason you got a lot of eggs." He was a good little Easter egg finder.

Abram got a few and then gave his basket to his Dad and went to play on the slide. I took him to another egg hunt earlier this week and I was so excited. We all had to bring eggs to the park and hide them. I did my part and when it was time for them to get the eggs, Abram didn't want to do it. He just wanted to play on the slide. I had to let go even though I really wanted him to do it and I really wanted some candy. I laughed and told Luder later.

These are my two little buddies, Fidesco and Richmond. They are Liberian refugees. Their mothers live together and make things work between them. They come from a very humble place and I love them so much. We take them to church and have them over. Cason and Abram love them. They have become very close to us. This was their first egg hunt.

This is my little man that lives across the street, Matthew Settle. This little guy is a great baby and he knows I love him because he smiles at me every time I talk to him!

They got their faces painted like little bunnies at the egg hunt.