Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reflections of a Pregnant Woman

So, I went to the doctor yesterday. The babe is preparing to make an exit as my body is starting to show signs that he and I are gradually getting ready. I have two more weeks until he comes. I am trying to sleep, eat and get as ready as much as possible for him in the meantime. The boys are so excited, they can hardly wait. They are taking a sibling class on Saturday. I am interested to see how that turns out.
As the time draws near, I can't help but think about how my life will change. I think about how it has changed with every person that we have added to this little family. I think about the work that is involved in raising a child but more than that, I think of the great blessing it is to have this little baby boy come to me. I am so grateful to be a mother, although it can be difficult at times, there is nothing I would rather do than take care of these sweet boys.
For some reason birth always makes me reflect on life. Thinking of life makes me reflect on my family, what is important and the people I love. It makes me think of those who are around but also those who aren't. This child is my first child that I will not be able to take to see his Nan (my grandmother). I have thought of her so much lately. I believe that we come from a loving home with God when we are born and we return to the same place when we die. I can't help but wonder if this little man that is about to come to us has been with his great-grandparents and loved ones that have passed on.
Life is something that happens so quickly to us. What perspective do we have? I am thinking a lot about birth, life and even death at this point. It is one eternal round.

Temple Time

One of my favorite places on earth is the Washington D.C. Temple. Luder and I were married there and lots more special memories have taken place at this gorgeous site. The temple is special because we believe that it is Heavenly Father's house here on earth. We believe that the ceremonies that take place inside these sacred walls last through this life and through eternity.

Scott went through the temple for the first time in June and it was such a special day for our family. I am so glad that I was a part of it and that he has decided that the temple is important.

A few weeks ago, Mom, Scott and I got to go to the temple together for some special family work. It was one of the best days ever in the temple for me. I am so grateful to have this glorious place.

Girl's Beach Trip

I randomly made Carol go on this with me. I forget what it is called but someone rides a bikes while pulling you through the park. It was fun.

Carol, this picture is for you. Ask her about it.

When we can, Carol and I head to the beach for a short trip. We have decided that the only bad thing about our trip is that it is too short. So, husbands prepare yourselves for a longer version in the future.
We sat on the beach, with no one bothering us. Well, maybe with the exception of the lifeguard training that we thought were real people drowning at first. After we got over that heart attack and realized that it was just a training, we relaxed and enjoyed the beach. We talked our heads off on the balcony, ate dinner outside, shopped until we dropped and fell asleep looking at gossip magazines. What more could we want?
We also got some cat calls, which I thought was interesting and funny since I was 8 mons pregnant. I think Carol was embarrassed! Can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Congratulations Luder

This is one fine looking young man. Luder was nominated and named a "Rising Star" in the Super Lawyers Magazine.

"In selecting attorneys for Super Lawyers, Law & Politics employs a rigorous, multiphase process. Peer nominations and evaluations are combined with third party research. Each candidate is evaluated on 12 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement. Selections are made on an annual, state-by-state basis.
The objective is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource to assist attorneys and consumers in the search for legal counsel."
-Super Lawyers

Congratulations on a huge accomplishment!