Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tough Love

     I once heard the quote, "Friendships are born and friendships die." I tend to agree with part of that idea. I believe that true friendship lives on, it lives through death and it lives over thousands of miles of distance and passing years of inattentiveness. The friendships that die are the ones that taught us for a time and allowed us to move on to something better.

  At the beginning of this month I lost a dear friend. Our friendship will live on and when I see him again, I have a few things to tell him. I will share with him that his life and passing has changed me. I hadn't thought of how much he meant to me, until he passed.  I now focus more on being in the moment with my children. I think of everyone that I am around as truly a brother or a sister. I have wondered a hundred times why it takes the death of someone we love to soften us to the core and be who we truly should be?

  As the month progressed, I learned that this sweet child pictured above, who is like a son to me will be moving far away. Tonight I saw the bus ticket, yesterday I saw the sofa being loaded onto the truck.

  Fidesco was a six year old tag along nephew to a young woman that I served six years ago. She moved away and he has been with us the majority of the time since. We have grown so close that my children call him their brother. I know what he likes to eat, wear, what embarrasses him. I know when he is having a bad day before he speaks. I know how he sleeps, what scares him and what makes him smile.

  I have worried about him physically, spiritually and academically for the better part of six years. I was blessed to know when he was in trouble or afraid without anyone telling me when he wasn't with us. I have prayed for him and hoped for his future and none of that will stop now, even though he will be far from me for a time.

   I have learned so much from serving him and inviting him to be so intimately involved in our family. Most of the lessons are too personal to share here but let's just say that I could write a book.
The biggest lesson I have learned is that we love who we serve and by doing so we are blessed. I am blessed to have been loved by this child. My children were blessed to have an education in culture and love that reaches over socioeconomic and racial boundaries. They were blessed to learn acceptance and unconditional love and in return they were loved and truly experienced joy.

  We will keep in contact with him and I will not give up on the dreams I have for him. We will see what happens but I trust the Lord and I know He has a plan for Fidesco and for our family and for now that's what is giving me peace.


Steph Thomas said...

I LOVE blogs!! I am so glad you are letting me read yours:) This is so sad to hear that someone you have grown to have as a part of your family is moving. You guys will be remembered forever in his mind. You have raised him and he is such a good kid because of you and your family's efforts.

Jenny Ramsey said...

I had no idea. I love you Ginny. You're an amazing woman and a mother I aspire to be. Love and prayers.

Jenny said...

This post made my eyes water. Mostly it made me miss you. You were such an instrumental part of Fidesco's life -- the love and example of your family will stick with him forever. Hugs to you, my friend. I am so sorry.
Love from Arizona:) Miss you!