Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You do not know your strength until it's tested. You do not know the capacity of love until it's tried. You do not know how you will respond in a crisis or how it will feel until you are there. You do not know who really cares until you are alone.
Does everyone feel as old as I do? I feel young at heart and yet I feel as if I am 100 years old in wisdom. I wonder if people 50 years ago felt this way? It's as if every morning I wake up, I step onto a battlefield of choices. You may say that sounds dramatic or depressing. It is neither. It is reality. I choose to focus on the positive things in my life, the bright moments. I believe it would be easy to look around and list off all the suffering, there is so much but I want to look around and take note of all the miracles. I want to stop and stare at my children and take in the moment and have it forever. I want to rest my tired body on the soft cool grass and watch the stars. I want to have the strength to lift another and avoid the next opportunity to judge them.
I heard someone say, what you focus on grows. It has.