Saturday, October 31, 2009


These guys are scary.

This year we had 2 Batmen and one miniature giraffe.

The "Bat Mobil"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is this world coming to?

Knowledge Is Power
So, this summer as I got everything ready for school, you know, sent the health forms in and filled out the gobs of paperwork for kindergarten (it's kindergarten people) I was thorough. Cason needed a booster in September of MMR and one in October of Hep B. I made the appointments and went on with life.
Before school began, I get a call from the school nurse that I need two boosters or he can't start school. I call the school and inform them that "per the pediatrician, Cason cannot have the boosters until Sept and Oct and I will get you the updated shot records when the boosters are administered." I get the "oh, Okay." We hang up and go on with our lives.
After school begins, I get a phone call from the school nurse again, that Cason needs 2 boosters. I call back again and tell them that he will get the shots when he goes to his apt in September and in October and that according to VA State law, I have 30 days to have the shots done and that I am following the pediatrician's guidelines anyway.
We go to the apt, Cason get the booster he can have in Sept, he is up to date and in compliance with everything. I send in the updated form. The school nurse calls and says that I need his Hep B shot still. I remind her that this is my third time telling her that he cannot have the shot until October, "per the pediatrician and standard shot schedule." Before calling her back, I had taken a deep breath, with all the stress I was under, I wanted to use her as a scapegoat, it would feel so good. I didn't. I was kind.
I went in today to take Cason in late. Again, I feel like I was being a good mother, I kept him home yesterday and called the school to tell them where he was when he had a low grade fever and symptoms of pink eye. When I called they gave me the 5th degree, asking me all kinds of questions, I kindly replied-because I knew where it was all going, "No, he doesn't have the flu, thanks, good bye." So, I arrived late with Cason today because I wanted to make sure that he was ok to go to school. As I walked in, I could tell Cason was worried about being late, I told him it was ok etc.
Then this happens:
Nurse: Has he had his Hep shot yet? ( She had pulled his file when I called and was waiting to practically hit me upside my sleep deprived head with it.)
Me: No, I told you that he would have it sometime in October, there is a 3 week wait to get in right now and I have 30 days to get it done. He will have it later this month.
Nurse: He can't come
Me: Excuse me?
Nurse: He can't come
I look at her, she has already screwed up so many times, should I talk it out here and now with her? What good would it do? You learn to listen to people when they tell you that they are crazy. I decided at that moment that I better leave. I didn't want Cason to hear all the things that would have to be said or be afraid. I didn't want to go to jail for choking someone who in my opinion was on a power trip and very ignorant. I would back down from this strong position if I had felt the least concern for my child.
I said, leaning into her face, reading her name tag with a conniving smile, Jane Doe huh?
And I turned and said, C'mon Cason. Let's Go!
As I walked out I thought, giving birth pays off, I will have Luder handle this, after all, this is a little thing compared to giving birth etc. He can't tell me no. I called him, he got the principal on the phone. In the meantime (this is where it pays to know your rights and be organized) I took 20 mins to go home, find the blank exemption form, get it notarized and happily walk back into the school with the form and send my son to his class.
I will get the immunizations when they are supposed to be administered but until then, Jane Doe, have your fun with someone else.

*I decided to save you from a tangent about how it's my God given right as his mother to know what is best for my child, not a public school system and certainly not a nurse (is she even a nurse anyway?) that can't remember talking to someone 3 times all while administering meds to children. Sorry if you think I am hating on school nurses, I just find this rediculous.