Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lake Anna

So, Luder and I decided to take the boys back to "the beach" right after we got home from Florida. We went to Lake Anna. They have a beach at the state park. We had a great time and it brought back so many memories for me. My parents took me there for many summers as a child. We had a boat and would water ski, picnic and fish with our extended family. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made on the lake.
The weather was perfect. Good idea Luder!

Two weeks in Paradise

My Mom, my brother Scott, Cason, Abram and I all went on a great vacation recently. We went on a seven day cruise to the Eastern Carribean and to Disney for about three days on the way home. We drove to Florida and we were able to visit with my Dad's brother, sister and Mom on the trip. The boys were really well behaved and I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the trip went with the boys.
On Sunday April 12, we boarded the ship. The boys were excited and couldn't believe the size of the ship. They had a set sail party on the deck where we sat by the pool with music and food and watched Florida dissappear.

If you know the Pat and Frederick Milton family well, you know that they have passed a genetic addiction to ice cream to their children. The gene has been passed to my children. They had a 24/7 free ice cream bar that my boys rank up there with being one of the best things about taking a cruise.

The First Stop: Grand Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI

We literally walked off the ship to a paradise tropical beach with free lawn chairs and all the fun you could want. We had a little issue, Cason had gotten croup as we were leaving the States. He had a flare up on the beach. Scott and I were even worried, it goes without saying for Grammy. Scott was the hero that whisked Cason away to the ship and got him the breathing treatment he needed in almost no time.

Next Stop: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mom rented a day room at a sweet resort so that we could have a place to go when we docked. There was a beach, an awesome pool with a swim up bar and food. The highlight of the boys' day was a water slide that Uncle Scott helped them enjoy. I wasn't sure who was having more fun.

I had to archive this part of the trip because we spent some of the trip dealing with Cason's croup. He got better though and is back to normal.

Next Stop: Phillipsburg, St. Maarten

We took a water taxi to the beach. Abram's sunglasses broke so he had to wear my spare pair.

This was the beach where we landed and played for a few hours. It was beautiful.

There was another stop in the Bahamas. Lots of sun, fun and food at sea. They had a children's program that was wonderful. I could drop the kids off to learn about what pirates do and go eat sushi and rest in the sun. Pretty good for a pregnant lady.

Last Stop: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
We woke up to breakfast being delivered to our room. I let the boys eat on our deck and watch the boats and airplanes go by. Abram is pointing out the boat passing by with his piece of sausage. It was a great trip and I am so grateful we were able to go.

More pics later. My camera died just in time for Disney. I have to get them from Mom and Scott.