Wednesday, February 18, 2009


All is well with the Milton's. I had another OB appointment yesterday where I heard the baby's heart for the second time. It is a great sound. The nurse couldn't find it for a while (it seemed like a long time) she was trying to make small talk with me. It reminded me of when you get your blood taken and they are asking you questions to distract you. Well, I just stopped listening to her and talking to her. I was about to jump on that button that I keep buried that says, "PANIC AND CRY NOW." Just before making the decision to stomp on that I heard the sweet sound of my baby. I was relieved. It was a healthy 150 bts/min.
I taught a parenting class last night for the women at the church. It went well I think. I enjoyed it. It made me realize how much I miss that part of my life. I was told to expect 5-10 because it was a mini enrichment and over 20 people showed up. The best feeling was to see the hope in their eyes that they could do their calling as a Mother better.
Luder has been working a lot but we are so grateful to have a job. A great job. Thank you Heavenly Father. We are so blessed. He is being recognized in an official way for his great efforts in his career. I am so proud of him. More to come on that later.
Last week was filled with Valentine's, to the point of almost coming out of my ears. Two preschool V-Day parties, baking, making Valentine's for school and Grandparents. At one point Luder and I looked at eachother like, "What is this madness they call Valentine's Day? AHHH!" Saturday night we grilled steaks and had a quiet night at home. Then we watched a movie that Luder said was a "total buz kill." Whatever that means. He cracks me up. I love him.
Being pregnant is such a roller coaster of emotions. I seriously laugh until I cry fairly frequently. I feel overwhelmed more easily. It is amazing to me this change that happens. This has been the best pregnancy so far though. Pregnancy has never been "easy" for me but I am so much more relaxed, more peaceful and calm this time.
We wish all of you well. Please keep in touch and if it's not going to snow for real, bring on SPRING!